Grant Applications

The Bronxville School Foundation will consider funding grants that qualify under the following mission statement:

The mission of The Bronxville School Foundation is to enhance the quality of public education in Bronxville by engaging the support and energies of educators, citizens, parents, students, and alumni. The Foundation will award grants for projects that will:

The Foundation is interested in funding grant requests that enrich the educational experience such as: curriculum enhancements and initiatives; pilot programs; technology; equipment; and professional development.

The Application Form is a Google Document that can be obtained by clicking here or by emailing Peggy Williams at  Completed applications can be submitted by email, as an attachment to along with any supplemental materials.

All grant requests for a project that relies on or will affect other departments (e.g., technology, facilities, other academic departments, etc.) should be discussed with the affected departments.  The following can serve as resources in that process - Director of Technology, Director of Facilities, Director for Curriculum Development and Principals.  Question VI on the application asks applicants to briefly describe such discussions.

The final deadline for applications for 2017 is Monday, March 4, 2017; however applications can be submitted at any time and are welcomed in advance of the deadline. 

Decisions on applications will be made at the Foundation’s May board meeting and applicants will be informed no later than Wednesday, May 17, 2017. (All grant awards are subject to approval by the Board of Education.)   The Foundation board will, on occasion, consider off-cycle grants earlier than the May meeting only when the Foundation has sufficient funds and implementation of or payment for the contemplated project must occur prior to June, 2017. 

Please respond to all questions in a concise manner and be as specific as possible. Please limit documentation to necessary materials. After your application has been submitted, a member of the Foundation Grants Committee will contact you to clarify any open questions. At that time you will have an opportunity to share any materials and/or information before review by the entire Foundation Board. Please submit a separate application for each grant request.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Peggy Williams at the Foundation office.

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